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Chris Lovell 07920 522898

Based in Bristol and Bath, Ex Radfords employee Chris Lovell has set up a new company called Revolve CI Ltd and continues to offer the same products and services as Radfords did for over 30 years.

Home Cinema

Plasma Lcd Projectors ▪ Ceiling and wall brackets ▪ Motorized deployment systems ▪ DVD and Media Engine based systems ▪ Range of Amps that process music soundtracks and video images

System set up and Plasma hanging service
For people with existing equipment they have bought elsewhere or want relocating.

Hi-Fi Systems
Music Server CD and Turntable based systems ▪ Range of amps and speakers from traditional high performance to aesthetic lifestyle to blend with any décor ▪ Wireless speaker options for people who are unable or not prepared to run cables

Video and music distribution through the house ▪ Wireless and wired networks operated from a handset or wall mounted keypad ▪ Ability to listen to multiple sources of music in different rooms/zones ▪ View satellite free view and films via DVD or Media Engine.

Computer network solutions
Domestic and commercial ▪ Large/small scale CAT5/6 network solutions ▪ Secure Wireless home networks ▪ LAN/WAN configuration/maintenance ▪ High end multimedia PC’s ▪ Video and audio Streaming ▪ PC/Server maintenance ▪ Voice conferencing solutions ▪ Telephone system configuration

Lighting solutions via wireless remote control with multiple scene options

We have accounts with most leading manufacturers in our fields.